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Global AI is a technology that connects video security cameras to state of the art AI algorithms that can automatically detect certain potential problems and threats:

  • crime prevention and anti-terrorism (such as detecting conspicuous objects or criminal activities)
  • health, medical alerts and emergencies (such as finding a person who needs medical attention)

Some specific examples include:

  • a person in distress (health emergency);
  • detecting a weapon, finding suspicious objects and packages;
  • street and traffic accidents;
  • attacks of wild animals;
  • lost or unattended children;
  • theft and robbery;
  • vandalism;
  • terrorism;
  • other violent criminal acts.

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Where do I start?

Global AI is free to register and no purchase of equipment required – you can connect the Global AI software to your existing video camera(s), and you can start, stop or continue using this tool at any time.

You would need to create a new user account, either personal or business, on this website, then download and install Global AI Client software and configure it to connect to your video cameras. Once you have added your email or mobile phone to receive email alerts and text messages – you will be notified in a seconds when a threat or problem is detected.

Sign Up to create a new account

Once the software is up and running you can focus on your daily tasks while Global AI monitors your video cameras giving you sense of security and protection.

Industry professionals and installers

Global AI works as a plug-in to existing CCTV camera array which automatically detects certain potential threats such as violent or criminal activities or detect an unconscious person or suspicious object preventing many life threatening situations.

Global AI client software for Windows is easy to install and configure; it can connect to all compatible IP video cameras as well as to Web/USB cameras, and no port forwarding required for the LAN router. There is also a configuration settings for each camera and the contact information for receiving security alerts.

We are offering a sign up bonus for each new customer on exclusive terms – please contact us to inquire about our partnership program.

Video camera manufacturers

We are open to work with video cameras manufacturers on integrating their hardware and video camera product with our technology to complete box solutions, streamline customer experience and increase sales.

Investors and investment funds

Global AI core technology employs cutting-edge state-of-the-art AI-powered algorithms for video surveillance. This technology, in development since 2001 can reshape the world of existing video surveillance security systems. We are open to discussing this opportunity with investors.

Insurance companies

We work closely with insurance business to decreases the annual claim amount as a result of increased safety of the customers using Global AI for loss prevention, so insurance companies can pass on the discount to their customers giving them better premium rate. For the client the insurance premium discount can compensate the cost of Global AI software license and security cameras.